Juneathon day 24. They’re back!

Yeah the ergo’s are back in the gym. Lovely new concept 2’s. All nice and clean with a smooth chain action and all sorts of fancy features that I can’t be bothered with.

So it was catch up time for me. I did my 2×30 mins and dare I say enjoyed it. Yep, I know it’s weird. Ergo’s are actually a form of legal torture, but then so is rowing.

Back in my happy place!


Juneathon day23:

I have spent most of the day cross. Scrub that… I have been stomping around fuming. A manager at work mis-managed a situation that directly affected me. Try as I might I could not shake off my emotions. I turned into that woman who either withers you with one look or is on the edge of tears. It was bad. Not pretty. I am not proud of it.

i also missed rowing. So any relief that a good whomp up the river was missed as well.

So, have dog, will jog! It was the only thing to do. Run, until I didn’t feel cross. It worked. It pretty much always works. 15 mins in and I was feeling much better. By the end of the run, and a good stretch, I was restored. I think I might be getting this running thing.


Juneathon Day 22: A day off. Not!

Today was a planned day off to spend some quality pre-holiday and pre-prom time with daughters no 2 & no 3.

No.2 daughter was keen to visit the new Lush flagship store in Oxford Street, and No.3 daughter needed shoes to complete her prom outfit, so off we pottered to London.

Well, that is after I had a run with the dog. Not really a run, a jog walk, with lots of stops, for doggy sniffs, and wee’s.

Then it was onto the train and up to London. And lots of fun it was too, but lots of walking, and standing around which makes my back ache. Anyway, we had a very successful shopping day. Shoes were found and bought. Lush was amazing and of course we smelt divine all the way home.

Getting home I realise my ergo programme said I had to do 2 x 30 min ergs. So after begging the kids to walk the dog, I headed out to the gym. To my horror all the rowing machines had gone. They are doing a refit, and every single damn ergo was missing.

The weights area was packed, and frankly I was a bit put out. Weirdly I found myself on the treadmill. I programmed in a 30 min run and off I went. It was a new fancy machine and I found a programme that had you running through some amazing scenery in Canada. The irony was not lost on me. I could have been running through my own wonderful woods with the dog, but I was in the gym doing a virtual reality run instead. I slogged through it. Why is running so hard? Hats off to you runners.

I rounded the workout off with mobility work. I’m really trying to work on my hip flexibility, trying to maximise the depth of my squats and improve my leg drive in the boat.

So a very busy day, a very enjoyable day, and way to much running for a rower.


Day 17,18,18,20,&21. Eeeeek!

It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, its the blogging thats the hardest part of an ‘athon’.

I’ve been hard at it, but I have failed miserably on the blogging front. So here is a summary of my activity

Day 17. 60 min erg followed by a quick combo of burpees, planks, jumping jacks, and step ups. Nice!

Day 18. Running through Hamburg airport. Yep I missed my plane and had to pelt it through the terminal to buy another ticket, and go back through security. It was all my colleagues fault. He wanted a beer and then needed a wee. By the time we’d got to the gate the plane was gone. It wasn’t funny at the time, but it gave me my Juneathon activity and I’m sure I’ll laugh about it one day. Perhaps!

Day 19. Back on the water with my crew. Another fab outing. Did loads of racing starts and race pieces. We’re still really rubbish and have loads to work on, but we are really focussed and having lots of fun doing it.

Day 20. Crashed. Big time. I had a big session at the gym planned and all written up in my trusty workout note book, but instead a big dose of lazyituss got hold of me and pinned me to the sofa.

Day 21. Today. Another early water rowing session in a double. Really good paddle. Feel like I may have found a doubling buddy. Good match physically and mentally. And happy to get up at the crack of dawn to go rowing. Win win.

So all that remains of this ‘athon’ week, is to take the doggy for a walk and cook something lovely for Fathers Day. And with the sun finally coming out, probably enjoy this long, long summers day sipping something cold in the garden.

Happy Solstice everyone.


Day 16: very lucky indeed

Wow! Just got back from a water outing with my crew. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be on the water on these lovely summer evenings. This evening was just perfect. A slight breeze. Incredibly flat water. Hardly any other boats other than rowers, or kayaks. Perfect.

We did lots of technical work today. Racing starts. Taking the rate as high as possible until we break down as a crew. Power pieces. A jolly good workout and very good fun.

i feel very very lucky indeed to have the good fortune to live close by to the Thames and to have the opportunity to row. Sigh! Happy happy.


Day 14: Not a marathon. Or even a half.

I was going to bleet on about how hard I worked on the water today, but I’ve just read a few of your blogs and I see lots of Half Marathons and 10 milers so I’m going to wind back in and just say – ouch. I’m so full of admiration for you running lot.

Two water sessions today. One coached, one not. 20k on the water in total. A new random blister on my thumb. Very sore glutes. And absolutely marvellous. A very slight drizzle, no wind, and pretty flat water. Wow I love rowing. Wish I was good a running as well, but I’m pretty happy I can make a boat shift when  I want to.

Gosh. Halfway through Juneathon. Amazing. image